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X-1300C-3 Glass Washing Machine

X-1300C-3 Glass Washing Machine

1. Structural features:

1.1 The overall structure is composed of four sections: loading section, washing section, air-drying section and unloading section.

1.2 All sheet metal parts are made of stainless steel. All installations of the whole machine use stainless steel screws.

1.3 The conveyor roller (¢55mm) of the whole machine adopts the vulcanized rubber covered structure, the washing section and the air-drying section could be lift-up, and the maximum lift-up is 400mm, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

1.4 Four pairs of brushes (¢110mm).

1.5 Three pairs of special stainless steel aluminum alloy air knife, strong wind, good air-drying effect.

1.6 Single fan (11KW) is energy-saving and efficient. The air inlet chamber is equipped with an air filter, which has a large air volume and a good drying effect of the glass. The air box is installed on the gantry.

1.7 The main drive is helical gear drive, frequency conversion speed regulation, digital display.

1.8 The brushes of the washing section are driven by the upper and lower motors respectively, and the speed is stable.

1.9 Button control, electronic control of the thickness, digital display.

1.10 Three water tanks are on the side, with movable wheels.

2. Technical parameters

2.1 Maximum glass width: 1200mm

2.2 Minimum glass size: 300mm×300mm (limited to the left and right sides of the sheet placed in a single row)

2.3 Glass thickness: 2.8mm-12mm (digital display)

2.4 Speed range: glass thickness within 2.8-12mm, Vmax=1-15m/min

2.5 Main drive speed adjustment method: frequency conversion speed adjustment

2.6 Table height: 900±30mm

2.7 Total power: 17KW

2.8 Water source: self-circulation, tap water (conforms to civil water standards)

2.9 Power supply: 380V 50Hz

2.10 Dimensions (length×width×height): attached

2.11 Weight: about 3200Kg

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