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Full-automatic Horizontal Double-drilling Machine - SSz080

Full-automatic Horizontal Double-drilling Machine - SSz080

1. Feature

The main function of this machine is to flat glass drilling. It composed of a fixed machine and a mobile machine, It can simultaneously drill two identical or different diameter of   holes, Two machine can be worked independently. Wide applicability, easy operation.

2. Characteristic

Adopt straight line guide and ball screw drive.

High positioning accuracy, accurate orientation.

The operation can realize the single cycle and continuous cycle,   pedal operation.

Double linkage control, stand-alone control.

Suitable for mass production and high production efficiency.

3. Technical parameter

Drilling depth   : 1050mm(Options: 800, 1250mm)   

Processing thickness:   3-19mm   

Drilling diameter:   ø4- ø 80mm   

Weight:   1200kg   

Power:   6.45/8.45kw   

Size(L*W*H):   2150x2500x1750mm   

Min. Distance between holes:   300mm   

Max. Distance between holes(Customized) :   1500(Customized)   

4. Main configuration

The main body is welded by the iron parts with aging-resistant treatment, Machine body is stable. Molding surface ensured the precision of the assembly, and it is also easy for the maintenance.

The slip sleeve is made of nodular cast iron,   the inner slide jacket is coated with hard chromium,   the outer slip sleeve is worn, which is ensured assembly precision.

Wire rod and linear guide rail adopt ABBA.


Air valve adopt AIRTAC.

Note:   In the regular configuration, the long distance movement of the two machines is realized by the motor, and use the handwheel to do fine-tuned.

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