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Flat Acid Etching Frosting Glass Line

Flat acid etching frosting glass line

The fully automatic glass frosting production line is designed for the mass production of frosted glass, the fully automatic glass frosting production line is a “turnkey” solution that integrates the process of loading-pretreatment-washing-drying-frosting-washing-drying-unloading. Automatic glass loader and unloader is an important part of the entire production line, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

The design of this line has overturned the traditional production process, which not required the process of applying a protective film on the back of the pre-frost glass. The important step greatly saves materials and labor, and doubles the production efficiency.

The advanced production process ensures that the back of the glass is clean, smooth and free of frost pollution, and the front is evenly smooth, fine, without marks and flaws.

Basic parameter

1. The production speed of 12-15 meters per minute, the daily output exceeds 8000-10000 square meters.

2. The maximum processing size is: 2440 × 1830 × (3-20) mm.

3. The minimum processing size is 600×600mm.

4. The maximum power is: (60-80) Kw.

5.Power: 415v 50Hz.

6.Weight: 22000-28000Kg.

7. Dimensions: (57000-69000) × 2500 × 2500mm. The partial width of the upper and lower sheets is 15000 mm.

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