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X-500S-2 Glass Washing Machine


X-500S-2 Glass Washing Machine

Machine use

The main drive system adopts double-row sprocket transmission, motor speed regulation, stable transmission and easy operation. The machine has the characteristics of stable and reliable performance, good washing effect, easy maintenance, and convenient adjustment. It is suitable for cleaning and drying processes such as mirror glass.


1. The main drive is double-row sprocket, stepless-motor speed regulation, stable rotation speed and long service life.

2. The conveyor roller of the whole machine adopts the structure of vulcanized rubber covered rubber (φ40mm).

3. Four pairs of brushes (φ40mm); three pairs of sponge rollers (φ55mm), three sets of heating tubes.

4. Secondary washing

The first level washing section with 2 pairs of brushes + 1 sponge roller

The second level washing section with 2 pairs of brushes.

Three pairs of sponge sticks absorb water, and 3 sets of heating and drying

5. Two water tanks on the side for easy water replacement and cleaning.

6. The rubber roller and sponge stick in the washing section can be disassembled independently.

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