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Issuing time:2020-10-23 14:55

We have already purchased over 25 different kinds of glass machines for our three plants in India, like tempering furnace, lamination line, screen printing machine, washing machine, double edger, beveling, polishing machine, various spare parts and materials through TangBan. We even bought at least 6 sets of different edgers in the past years. Most of our machines, except some from European countries, for new plant in Mumbai are coming from Tangban.

The latest time I visited them for inspecting my lamination line, which will be dispatched at the end of this week; I am very satisfied with its nice quality and beautiful appearance.

Actually, I am very familiar with all Chinese glass machine factories for many years, but why I prefer to purchase through Tangban?

From my perspective, TangBan is not only a common trading company, their job like professional consulting to take good care of all requirements with reasonable price. Most important is their own engineer visit my plant to make maintenance or even just check a small screw almost every 1 or 2 months, but it is really very helpful for my machines. Their job make me feel safety always, which I have not yet found any supplier can do like that.

To be frank, I am planning to build another new automotive glass plant very soon, and I won’t hesitate to purchase more through TangBan .

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